Casagrande Surf: best camping experience ever

If I have to think about myself as a camping-like woman, I would not probably say that I am the best one!

But when it comes to Casagrande Surf then everything changes: I am in love with this place and I would never stop to recommend it to everybody.

I visited this camping 3 years ago, on my first trip to Colombia, and since I have always thought to come back to re-experience the magic and the special vibe.

Casagrande surf, palm-beach view

The camping is located at KM 37 Via Santa Marta-Palomino, 5 kilometros después del Tayrona
Santa Marta, Magdalena

You can either drive over there from Barranquilla ( 1.5 h) or from Santa Marta (40 min) or you can also reach the camping grabbing a  bus both from Barranquilla or Santa Marta (price goes from 20000 to 30000 COP).


The camping offers different accommodations solution:

  • you can hang your hammock
  • camp with you tent
  • rent a Cabana (private room- shared bathroom)
  • spend one relaxing day on the beach
  • Also, the camping offers facilities and entertainment:
  • restaurant and bar
  • relaxing spots and hammocks
  • surfing lessons
  • bathroom and shower (only cold water)

Be aware that is not a WIFI area, and this is the beauty of this place, it will take you totally away from your city routine.

The camping faces the Caribbean Sea and is a very famous spot for Surf: as a matter of fact you can also swim but it will be suggested only for a very good swimmer as the waves might reach also 2 meters in some points or either you can walk on the beach towards north and reach the River Mendiguaca.

The particularity of this place is that both Sea and the river melt together: and in front of view, the Sierra Nevada will blow your mind away.

Something is magic in this place: it is not just pretty or relaxing, I believe that a good vibe and aura surround the area and it will make your stay at peace and joy.

River Mendiguaca and Sea meeting point
River Mendiguaca and Sierra Nevada viev

Casagrande surf is a small paradise for bot only surf- lovers but for everyone would like to relax and have fun at the same time.

Offer a gorgeous beach and a spectacular river where to enjoy a nice bath and most of all were to lose yourself on the most beautiful sunset.

I highly recommend to wake up early in the morning (around 5 am), to sit down on the beach or relax on your hammock and fully enjoy the sunset in front of you: a really amazing experience that will leave a sign for the rest of your life.

Sunset view from Casagrande beach side

Be very respectful of the area, as you will find a very clean environment and everybody expects that you look after yourself, also be very sensitive to the water usage whilst you are having your shower, as is not current water and in these areas, it is not easy to get water 🙂

Once you are in Casagrande, you can get your surfing lesson (80000 COP for 2 hours) with very experienced teacher, relax on the beach lined with palm trees, get together with family or friends enjoying local food or simply a refreshing local bear or cocktail or also you can indulge in a nice romantic weekend with your loved one.


It is a place that can be recommended for different situation or events: a nice events area is also available for party, on request.

Once per year the owner of Casagrande arranges a party called “Full Moon Party”, generally around the 1st or 2nd week of August: I would only suggest this to youngster we love Electronic music until 7 am in the morning.


Many local Indigenous from local Tayrona, will hang sometimes in the camping as they consider themselves family over there, so you might be lucky to get to know them a little and discover a different angle of Colombia without an expensive excursion.



I generally spend in Casagrande an average of 3 days, but you can also spend 1 week if you feel that adventurous to discover the surrounding: 1 km away from Casagrande there is the “Pueblo” (little village for local where to buy food or  basic needs) and a little far away you can stop at different little gorges like “Quebrada Valencia”, plantain´s plantation,  more Pueblos with different shops, restaurant, and churches as well.

You can also try an excursion to Palomino in Guajira ¨is 37 km away from Casagrande, and if you do not have a car you can easily get a local bus outside the camping for few COP, that will drop you there (Just ask the driver to be dropped at Palomino).

Once you are in Palomino´s Pueblo, ask for the beach which is a small walkable road (probably 10-15 min.): is a very popular area with hostels, restaurants, and bars, lots of buzzes around and good fun.

The beach is lovely and sandy and easier to get a bath here, although you will get waves as well.

Wanderlust love at River Palomino


You can walk on the beach 10 min to left side to find the river Palomino,that also cross the Ocean.


For the hiking lover, I would highly suggest the Ciudad Perdida excursion: you can either book via Expotur or trying your luck hiring a local guide, but for the 2nd options I highly suggest to get to know someone for a while first, someone who you can trust.

Ciudad Perdida was discovered in 1972, although locals discovered that they knew it long before about this archeological heritage, but never discovered before to keep avoid the commercialization.

The Hike can last up to 6-7 days depends on your chosen package and your stamina and you will encounter local tribes and find out about their living and their real life stories: be considered and do not make photos unless you ask first.

You can also choose to visit other tribes, and avoid the trek to Ciudad Perdida, and go visiting the tribe Kogui Malaya Arhuaco: their culture is a fundamental element for the preservation of Sierra Nevada´s INdigenous tribes.

And more and more close bye to discover yourself: cannot discover here them all, otherwise, I will ruin you the fun.

So if you would like to get away a little from the city hustle in Colombia, get on your car and book your place at Casagrande Surf