Diary of my 9 months journey through South America, started with one way flight to Cuba and ended in Brazil.
In this page you will be able to read and follow up my real life story : people I met, places I visited, food I ate and much more. Here I open up to get closer to all of you.
Maybe you will read funny stories or embarrassing ones, but I’ll promise that each of them will simply talk about the real me


VISIT SANTIAGO DE CUBA : WHAT TO SEE AND WHAT TO DO SANTIAGO DE CUBA: What to do and visit   My visit to Santiago De Cuba, was meant to last 3 days but it ended up to be 10 days: It is easy to understand that I liked the city that much to extend […]Read More »


Medellin: I am thinking to stay little longer!

Good morning guys, it seems to be a lazy Monday for me, although I do not really like them lol.. so better to start the day writing a little to get some energy and get out there in this beautiful city. I have spent now few days here in Medellin, and loving the city each […]Read More »


Cartagena de Indias: bike tour and Getsemani Neighborhood

How to discover Cartagena in one day by bike! If you ever visit Colombia, you have to stop in Cartagena. Well, I have a particular love for this city: since the first time I have visited it I’ve felt in love, and yet each time I come back, the love grows. Cartagena is a Colonial […]Read More »


One day at Armenia – Quindio Capital

It has been a while that my board diary was silent.. but in these past 10 days I have been travelling all over the place : sometimes I think I am still 20 As soon as I have reached Medellin 10 days ago, meeting Stefania (you must remember her..right?) we decided straight away to […]Read More »


Fun day in Monteria: bike’s hire and monkeys encounter. Off to Medellin

Newsletter Signup FormName *FirstLastEmail *PhoneSubmit Unexpectedly my last day in Monteria was very much fun! As soon as I dropped my luggage to the hotel concierge, I went for a walk back to the marvelous linear park Ronda del Sur determined to meet the Monos (monkeys)! I walk through the park for almost an […]Read More »


Stopping in tranquil Monteria for a while.. stitches off!

Whilst I was in Tolu a few days ago, enjoying my islands visit and being a bit of a beach bum, I’ve felt the desire to retire somewhere more tranquil and chilled to work harder on the blog.. difficult to focus on duties when the sandy beach is calling you! The plan was to reach […]Read More »


Festival del Caribe: Santiago de Cuba


Cuba in Miami : Little Havana