There is a magical place to be visited in Colombia.. where the river water shines of several colors thanks to the effect of plants and the sun spells.. reason why the river is called River of Five Colors : from shades of pink, to deep red , from yellow to green and blue shades.. a real amusement for your eyes.

This place is called Cano Cristales, situated in the Serrania Macarena in the middle of the Region of Meta, Southern of Colombia.

Cano Cristales is not easy to be reached but it is super worth a visit of at least 3 days : you can either opt for an organized tour or do a self tour renting a car, but be prepared to driver for hours or enjoy a stop at Villavicencio.

Many agency sells on line tour, the one I suggest is definitely

for you to enjoy a perfect experience and the magic of the place.

The river and National park is in the middle of a Jungle that for years was locked out by local “Guerrilla”… so impossible for civilians to enjoy the beauty of the park… but today the park is open to everybody although you always need the supervision of local guide.

To reach Meta you can either flight with Satena  from Bogota/ Cali/ Medellin/ Villavicencio or you can go by car : first reach Villavicencio then moved up to Meta.

There are few fee to enter the park, this as big part or maintenance and preservation of the National park itself and the good park of it is that entering the park we contribute to the commerce of local people who for years suffered of high level of poverty.

Tour, are not cheap starting from a min of 500 USD without flight.. but as mentioned above, the experience is really worth it the money!

I suggest a min. of 3 nights but if you can 4 days would be even perfect to keep the hike up to the highest point of the park called The Eagle waterfall.. this will give you a better idea of the Whole Serrania.

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