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I’ll tell you a story..

Before to go straight to the point of “Women who can” community, I want to tell you a quick story.

“She moved to another country looking for a better future, for new purposes. She moved, she struggled with a new language, new culture, new people.

It was hard work..days and nights! With eager to learn, to improve and to prove that she could! Months after months, goals after goals, she made it. She finally was a successful woman, who had walked up the ladder!”

For who has been following “A Wanderlust Love”, perhaps this story reminds already someone. This someone is right in front of you, it is me!

Yes, you heard right, it is My story, well part of my story. Today I am introducing you to a topic that has really touched me for many years. A topic that crossed my path many times and I take it with me on all my trips.



“Stories of women that have struggled in their lives, but with strength, determination, and self-love made their dreams come true!”


Women who can
Women who can

Women who can page will be dedicated to women that had to face a struggle in their lives, whatever the struggle was, and in the end, they managed to achieve their dreams, whatever their dream was. I am talking about each of us, had to fight for something: racial acceptance, religious belief, disability, mental health, sex abuse, sex acceptance and much more.

All of us has a story, each of us is special.. and has something special to tell the world. I am not looking for a cartoon Wonder women, no. I am looking for each individual who has something to say to other women, to empower them!

This page is meant to be here to be not mine, to be ours! I will encourage you to share the stories, to reach each other women, to get to know each other and to take on board more and more women who have something to say. Do not forget.. each of us has something to say!

If you feel to be part of this community “Women who can” contact me in private and I will be very much happy to chat with you and perhaps to meet up, so we can take it from there and share the word!



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