Back to Quilla and Ciao Ciao Stefania

I never liked goodbyes.. but I need to start to get to use to them as more and more will come.. today was a probably short term Goodbye to my fellow traveller Stefania.

I met Stefania in my first week in Havana and we clicked straight away, and travelled together for a while in Cuba and also here in Colombia and we have just spent a lively long weekend  in North Colombia.

Lovely girl and perfect companion to finalize a trio of girls having a very good time: me , Stefania and my dearest colombian friend Marcela.

To come back to the reality of Quilla after such an amazing time spent camping, partying and relaxing on sandy beaches.. was not an easy thing 🙂

The whole camping experience, the little on the road trip and the so many laugh will be big part of my travel experience here in South America.

But today Stefania left to follow her travel plan and here I am with my last few days in Quilla

I am already planning my next move, starting to move towards down to the Colombian coast.. and reach the next big city: Medellin

I am really looking forward to get into this next trip and meet new people but most of all experience a different Colombia, different tradition and history.

I might need a super cold drink, here is so hot right now!

Chat you later