Let’s explore a new China together

Hi, I’m Luana, Mari’ sister.

It is great to be part of this Wanderlust project and I hope to delight and inspire you with my journey through this fantastic country called China.

My love for this ancient country is undeniable: I have studied Mandarin at Uni and been in China twice.  I have visited the iconic cities of Beijing and Shanghai and I lived for some time in the exotic island of Hainan. I got the chance to see the Great Wall and many other cities such Qingdao – Tianjin – Hangzhou – Guangzhou.  Yet I know just the surface of this rich country, but I am eager to discover its hidden gems and share this discovery with you.

I will be traveling through China for few months, exploring its exotic and fascinating culture. It’s a journey of history and nature. I will be discovering China’s majestic landscapes, remote ancient temples, rich cuisine and intriguing language. Traveling through impressive natural places: from beautiful green landscapes to deep rain-forest up to the desert, not forgetting its tropical beaches and huge limestone cliffs.

Between the most bio-diverse countries, China is home to a profound variety and abundance of wildlife: the most famous Giant Panda, rare elephants and tigers, endemic gibbons and many more.

Complex Chinese culture translates into a beautiful range of Buddhism temples and statues carved in grottoes, ancient martial arts, and culinary tradition.

I am looking forward to dig dipper and enjoy in full what China has to offer.

I will share with you the highlight of the journey with the aim to show you a different China: I will be an inside  of its rich culture.

Stay tuned and have fun with the reading.