Medellin: I am thinking to stay little longer!

Good morning guys,

it seems to be a lazy Monday for me, although I do not really like them lol.. so better to start the day writing a little to get some energy and get out there in this beautiful city.

I have spent now few days here in Medellin, and loving the city each day more. I have taken the decision yesterday evening: I will stay a little longer here, I really want to experience the city a more locally and get to know the routines, the most hidden spots, and what the city can offer to me.

It is incredible how fast and easy is the interaction with people: many time I have been asked “Why do you travel solo? Don’t you get bored?” Let me tell you what: No, I do not get bored, not a little. We pretty much underestimate our social skills. Well, let’s say that maybe we overvalue a lot our Online social skills and we forget how easy and beautiful is to go out there and meet people, feel them and feel the chemistry.

In an Era of Social Media, we should really be more open to old traditional way to meet new people: don’t get me wrong, I love social media, I mean is my daily bread, right? Just, traveling, I realize how much important are the real face to face relationship, how nice is to sip a coffee into a bar and simply smile at people entering the bar and why not, entertain a conversation.

So, if by any change, you will meet me in a bar… stop and have a coffee with me! Lol

Anyways, back to Medellin: this city is really the right place for me to be right now, so I would like to take advantage of my destiny and stop a little.

Let me show you where I was yesterday:

Yes, I got the pleasure to assist our private young orchestra: the passion in the eyes of these young guys was so involving, that much to push me to wear a Colombian traditional skirt and shake my legs in traditional dances such “Bajanato” (I hope I spell it right..), “Champeta” and la Gaita : Traditional Venezuelan folk music.

Barrio Laureles,

Furthermore, today I have in mind to work a little and go visit my Neighborhood: I have decided to get an Airbnb in Barrio Laureles, on the occidental side of Medellin to avoid the crowd of tourist and enjoy more of a local life. Laureles is just perfect for me: a mix of local spots such Unidad Deportiva Belén (Sports Park), fun and night life at Calle 33, green life and time for relaxing at Pueblito Paisa and close to other important neighborhood. On top, is quite close to both South Bus Terminal and the local airport, which can definitely come handy. I would highly recommend this Paisa neighborhood, also one of the safest and secure in town.



The only downside of this barrio is that it misses a metro station, although there are still some at 20/30 min walking distance. I suggest you drop a visit to this blog for more info on this lovely neighborhood, that offers many opportunities: “Desk dirtbag

Right, time for me to start to work?? wait a minute! Shouldn’t I get ready my breakfast first??? lol

See you later peeps