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From Italy with Love

From Down left we have : Me, Dad, Mum. Up left Kimberly and right Luana


I was born in Puglia, a beautiful region South of Italy on the Adriatic sea. I grew up there with my family: my mother Lidia, my father Salvatore and my 2 gorgeous sisters Luana and Kimberly.

When I was 15, we decided to move to Sicily, where my dad comes from, and where I ended up spending all my teenagerhood and a good part of my studies. I pretty much loved the island life: long hot summers, outstanding shores, beach parties, great food, and easygoing life. But as I reached my 20s, I felt that the island Lifestyle was not fitting me anymore. The desire to move somewhere else different was bigger. I needed a different background. It was the moment when I started my travel journey: I have packed my stuff and I moved to Rome: the Eternal city.


“La vita e’ bella”

Rome was a great city where to start my travel Journey. I have spent there 1 year and a half terminating my Master in Marketing and Tourism and my internship working for a hotel chain as a sales. It was great the feeling to start an independent life, where I had to provide for myself. I had to work weekends, and money was never enough but nothing could take away that smile of my face each day.

When I finished my internship, one night I felt again the same feeling I got in Sicily, and I have thought “I am just 24, let’s grab the luggage and move to London”. The funny thing was: I never been to London before, but I knew already that there was something big that would have become a forever bond with me and the city.

My ” Sex in the city dream”

The original plan was to attend a language course, which I did, and perhaps remain in the UK only for 1 year, which I didn’t. I lived in London for more 7 years, and I loved them all. London is, first of all, a big pot of cultures, a variety of people, food from all over the world, events of all kind and freedom of speech. I could be myself in every shade and I could express my feelings and emotions fully. It was not difficult to get a job, and I eventually ended up working for a first Tour operator. Travel has always been my first passion, so why not to start working for it!

In the years, I well established my career in the travel industry becoming an influential European Travel Manager. It was all I had always dream of since I was a teenager: my “Sex in the city” lifestyle was finally there. I have got it all, I embraced and enjoyed my career and developed my skills in communication and management, I got my flat, I was financially happy, I could enjoy the daily life and still traveling times to times to beautiful places. I was fully living the London life!

The  9-5 job was not suiting me anymore

A happy life, right? Even though something was changing again inside me, That life felt no right anymore.  My passion for travel and the outdoors was in competition with the strict city life, the corporate job. The more the months were passing by, the more the  9-5 job was not suiting me anymore. I had the need to set my self free of that circle, where I was not belonging anymore. The issue was not the city life: I simply changed. I was more aware that I wanted to discover more, to know more, to travel more.

I was thinking every day to just drop my job, pack my bags and go somewhere new.. but how I could do that in a moment of my life so intense working wise!? Just drop it all and then what?? Didn’t feel like an easy option.


My Story.. overtaking fear
My Story.. overtaking fear

I had to overtake fear

The fear was stopping me to follow my heart, and I was yet carrying on my duties..but I understood soon after that I had to overtake fear.

In 2017, an opportunity arose and finally, I took action. I made the decision to listen to my heart and to make the change: I was ready to go. So I put myself together and I checked on my savings. They were good enough to book my first one-way flight to Cuba. It was not easy: my life from the outside seemed perfect to all, it was so frustrating to just hear people telling me “What else you need more in life than what you have”.

True, I got so many beautiful things.. but I was missing my inner happiness. The freedom to wake up in the morning and handle my time, enjoying the vibes around me, mother nature and all the beauties in the world, meeting people and get to know them and their differences, their truth and the so many different ways to see at life. This gave me the real strength to take the risk and quit my city Lifestyle to go travelling the world and reporting.


Mine is a Wanderlust Love

Now I am here, sharing my travel and life experiences, my thoughts, my pictures, my tips and my discovers with you all. With the hope that you will enjoy and finding it useful for your own life and to make positive changes.

I love my life as a travel nomad, it has finally given me the freedom I always dream of. I can better listen to what is around me, I can better enjoy what natures freely gives to me, I can spend more times with my family and my loved ones. Most of all, I can express the real way I want to be, being more productive in this amazing life I have right now.

So follow my stories and my articles, comment and ask me everything you like, I will try to satisfy all your wonder and wanderlust! And don’t forget: always listen to yourself and what you really need and … just do it!



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