Writing from my one of my always-dreamed-destination: Buenos Aires

Here I am, eventually got to Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentina.

These last few weeks upon Bolivia, Chile, and North of Argentina have been really busy traveling: up and down from one place to another, with little Internet connection.. it had helped me to unlink a little from the social world.. and I did not mind 🙂

But now I am glad to be back on track and update my diary board, and you all on my next travel adventures:

I have happily decided to reach Buenos Aires in time for Xmas so that I could spend it with my dear Friend Claudia: Claudia is a fellow traveler, one of us! Last year she decided to start her own first long-term travel through South America, spending a long time and loving a lot Argentina.. that much that once she was back to London to get back on the hustle life.. she magically got an offered opportunity, guess where?? In Buenos Aires..!! How cool is this?? This is all about my theory of.. “We always are or visit one place for a specific reason in life..”

Well, now Claudia is happily leaving here and embracing her new job which seems to make her really happy.. so why not come over to take the chance to meet her after almost one year and spend the Xmas together? 🙂


Merry Xmas from Salta, Argentina
Merry Xmas from Salta, Argentina

So, just to remain faithful to my forever indecision.. here is the plan or the unplanned… Shall I remain here in BA until the NYE and off to Uruguay for few days before to land to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where I have already booked a flight to Porto Seguro??

Or shall I remain until the very last minutes, AKA the 06th of January for then reach Porto Alegre by 17 hours bus-ride????

Well, I guess that tonight I will sleep on it and make a decision..that as usual will change once more..  an eternal indecision mine eh???

But I would like to tell you that I am happy: each day I wake up, I wake up with a new purpose and new ideas, with so much life in me that makes me smile at all time.. I am happy to meet new people, to know about their lives, their habits. I am happy to taste new food (you should remember my Market- addiction) and a new way to eat food.. I am happy to see new places, both cities, and natural landscape.. beaches.. mountains.. places that will give me memories.. emotions that I will never forget. I am happy to discover a new me every day.. new skills, new emotions..

Having the best Empanada in Salta, at El Patio de la Empanada
Having the best Empanada in Salta, at El Patio de la Empanada

Definitely, I have hard moment true.. with Xmas coming I have been missing my family and friends quite a lot.. I wish I could be close to them right now.. but this is all part of the experience and I am glad that I am living it.



Well, now after one day treating myself with some beauty treatment.. great food.. chatting with family and friends.. I have to get ready to meet my New friends, thanks to Couchsurfing application (which I always suggest using if you want to meet local people in new places) Lisandro who will kindly show me a bit of Buenos Aires by night.. so thrilled..that …will I be late??????????

Bye for now, but stay tuned as new article is coming super soon