Welcome 2018 and still on the go : Brazil


now we are already in the middle of January… 2018! Time fly so fast that I am even more convinced to make each day of my life memorable , and when I say memorable I don’t mean necessarily doing something extreme or amazing.. memorable with a simple smile at life.. enjoying a walk by myself and relaxing.. reading a great book.. and progress!

My long trip through South America has given me so much from emotions to beautiful memory, to many ideas to put on the table as soon as I will be back to London, in order to keep inspiring people all of age and of the whole world to travel…

Travel is good right?? But you must really get to know the difference between… holiday maker and travelers.. nothing wrong with both (Al tough I am more a traveler…) but just 2 different way to enjoy your trip..

Said this a little update on where am I??????

Well after few weeks spent in Argentina.. where everything happened from meeting up with my gorgeous friend Claudia, who moved to Buenos Aires few months ago, to… sadly got my phone stolen ( well… silly thing happen on a long trip.. you got to accept that), to people that open their houses to invite me celebrating Xmas together.. and much more…I have then moved to Brazil, but as I always love to make my life more difficult.. I have decided to quick stop in Uruguay… only for 3 days.. but let me tell you that as always …I never have regrets!… actually the only one is that I could not spent more time in this lovely small country with a retro hippy style… more article to come about Uruguay..stay tuned

Beautiful Colonia del Sacramento
Beautiful Colonia del Sacramento

But here I am now in Brazil... back after 2 years and feel like nothing has changed.. same great vibe, people always smiling and smell of the sea in the air… adore!

I have to admit.. I was quite a lot looking forward to this part of the trip..as Brazil is probably by far one of my favorite country.. and not difficult to understand why : incredible scenery being such a big and bio-diverse country, yummy food, great history and culture and music and smiles always everywhere!

Getting to know Porto Seguro right now , in the state of Bahia… indulging in succulent food.. splashing in the clear water of palm beaches.. and having lots of fun with local and not so local Brazilian friends.. I will soon move up to Bahia State to Morro Sao paulo and then leading back to Salvador.. one of my fav spot in Brazil… but more to come……let me just give you a tip.. Carneval…….

So if you want to know more … following me!