My trip so far : Bolivia time

Such a relief that I can finally update a little the blog…

I am in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia (although many people still think that the capital is La Paz.. which I cannot blame, being La Paz the most connected internationally)..and getting advance of a slightly faster Internet connection πŸ™‚

Few things have happened since our last update, so I would be nice (also for my future memory) to recap a little…

After a very great time spent in Peru, I moved crossing the border to Bolivia, but unfortunately my approach to Bolivia was not the best ever : shall I say my approach to has been difficult as I was expecting maybe for something similar to Colombia maybe.. but I have to put in the account that Bolivia is less commercial than other South American country so people here is less used to “strangers” hence.. they might be more skeptic to us.. I have finally understood and try in a softer way to enter in the Bolivian’s hearth πŸ™‚

My step through Bolivia have been so far:

La Paz
La Paz

Visiting very quickly the village of Copacabana, at the border with Peru and my usual long ride by bus to La Paz, accompanied by the fellow traveler Stefania.Β  We spent few days in the highest administrative city in the world, and we loved it : food particularly was a gem, we spent long time at the local market… (well when together we tend to spend long time eating anyway), on top there was a sort of referendum going on , so on the Sunday of the vote the whole city, the whole country, was literally freeze (no transport and barely few people in the street selling food).. but we embraced and relax for a while. Well, was a good catch as the previous day we spent all our energy riding by bike the famous death road… really one of my best experience so far!

Vote over, we moved to Uyuni to start our great tour through the Salt Flat and the desert bordering Chile.. such a fantastic views for my lucky eyes… and then we stopped in Chile.. well mine was literally a 2 days stop.. just the time to smell the Chilean flavor and visit Moon Valley..and had to come back to Uyuni to collect my not anymore so big backpack.. (definitely very happy to drop it anywhere I can….).

Me and Stefania Uyuni Salt flat
Me and Stefania Uyuni Salt flat

The sad bit here is that I had to say goodbye to Stefania.. after 8 and more months of traveling.. my dear snack companion had to come back to Europe to happily celebrate the Xmas festivity with her family… well I have to say Stefania : gotta thank you for letting me discover hidden side of me.. an adventurous me.. ready to get on a enduro bike and ride downhill one of the most dangerous road in the world.. to discover an easier way of see the world..yet wonderfully! Thanks for sharing part of my trip.. I would definitely get a good memory..and well… who knows we will meet in a future travel adventure, for now… have the best time with your family and friends back home πŸ™‚

And now I am back to Bolivia, visiting Sucre and planning my next step: Off to few local village, hopefully I should make it to visit Valle Grande and La Higuera, where Che Guevara was captured and executed..and make my way south of the country to Villazon.. in order to cross the border.

But the dilemma is: Carnival in Rio or not… well I have to say that sometime I feel the pressure of the constant travelling.. please don’t get me wrong, I love it and I am so grateful I can be inΒ  such amazing experience.. but not sure about this constant confusion on my next step…

So I am very open to suggestion or to request.. I might detour to USA or why not.. a few pit stop in Europe.. God how happy would it be my mum! lol

Well, I think that it is time for me to get a very late lunch… how dedicate I am when it come to my lovely readers…

Stay tuned and happy traveling if you are on the road!