The story of Cecilia Murillo, founder of “Moda Y Flores”

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Get to know Cecilia Murillo

“Woman who can ” of today is a woman who gave a very positive impact into my life: Cecilia Murillo, founder of Moda Y Flores. I met Cecilia whilst I was in Medellin last year, thanks to a great friend in common.

Me and Cecilia
Me and Cecilia

Since our meeting, I understood that I should have started the project for the community of “Woman who can”. I must thank Cecilia for being of such great inspiration for me.

Cecilia Estella Murillo Palomeque was born in Apartado’ Colombia then moved to Medellin for her University studies. Since born, Cecilia was diagnosed with Agenesia,which is a failure of an organ or part to develop or grow. Cecilia’s limb is shorter than the other, but this has never stopped her to be independent and successful. Regardless the disability she always knew how to fight for her dreams.

Her life has never been easy: coming from a  big family, Cecilia had to work and study at the same time. The impact moving to a bigger city, Medellin, was somehow difficult. Cecilia was not just a woman with a disability, she was with an Afro background. Unfortunately, As much as I love Colombia, the fight against Afro racism is still a big issue for the society. You all can imagine, the challenges Cecilia had to face at that time. But she was different from other women, she was determinate to make changes and to change other people future.

Moda Y Flores

With a big passion for fashion, Cecilia started her first project from scratch. She started to sew strings making flowers to decorate clothes. The flowers got a fast success so that Cecilia could already participate to Fashion exhibitions and trade fairs, where to expose her products. In  2015 Cecilia founded “Moda Y Flores”, which literally means Fashion and Flowers, thanks from the decoration, where everything started from. The Foundation, was a way for other women with disability to start believing in themselves, as Cecilia’s process through her life, and to give them a purpose in life. New goals, new achievement, independence.

Foundation Moda Y Flores
Foundation Moda Y Floresthe Foundation of Moda Y Flores (Fashion and Flowers), and opened the foundation to other women with disability.

The core of “Moda Y Flores” is a place where to express the own creativity in a culture often hostile to people with disability. Cecilia has opened a new vision for the Fashion business, with her controversial attitude, determination, and hope.

“We are doing history, we are not just doing a product, the importance is Who is behind the product!” These are some powerful words coming from the conversation with Cecilia. She is giving women the tools to discover how powerful they are, and the limitless things and goals they can achieve.

Today Cecilia is the founder and the executive director of this successful foundation: she was able to get on board 100 women, with the module  “Empodérate y descubre lo que vales”.  The plan,  is to expand the foundation, and to spread the message to lots of other women who have not a chance to express themselves.


Part of the daily activities are the application of  traditional and new techniques. In fact, form the 20th of August, they will all participate in a new custom jewelry workshop. Also on the 08th of October Cecilia will hold a seminary dedicated to women’s empowerment.

At the moment the foundation does not count on sponsor, the little resources so far come from their manufactures, from the events they organize. The foundation can barely get some supplied materials, which from the women can create the products to be commercialized.

It is vital for the society to be part of this project, and not overlook it, thinking to be far from other people’s problem. All of us can contribute to help the foundation, even simply sharing this article. Sharing the article, the foundation can get the chance of more visibility and perhaps some good donor, who would like to marriage the cause. If you feel and if you can contribute also economically please contact directly Cecilia.

In our Interview we have talked about the Foundation’s base and the process that has took Cecilia to lead to a new way to think about Fashion. Cecilia is nevertheless a brilliant Entrepreneur today, but a very creative shop consultant and a big inspiration for many women with disability.

Cecilia’s story is meant to tell to every women out there, that “They can”..because we are “Women who can”!



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Enjoy the Interview:

Note that the interview was held in Spanish with English Subtitle. It was a 100% amateur video, with very few adjustments.

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Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3




“This article is not promoted, whatsoever, and is simply a way to put a light on a very good cause.”