The departure’s day


Hello everyone,

today for me is a very special day, the day where a forever dream comes true as the beginning of a new important project in my life.

I am off to Cuba, where my 6 months trip to South America starts, and right now over these 6 hours waiting at Koln airport I am catching the chance to share with you this very special moment of mine.


It feels real good now as I am actually realizing how amazing this experience is going to be : I can finally feel free to focus all my attention on what I care the most : travelling and discover new places, meet interesting people and get to know them, the real them, reading a book at my own peace and not only whilst I am commuting to work due lack of time, simply have a walk and watch a beautiful sunset.. wake up early in the morning to catch a sunrise.. just little simple things. The difference is that I can finally manage my time and is not a watch to manage me anymore.


I am lucky: lucky enough to travel the world and see amazing places and do things that I would have probably never do it staying at home, or just in my city. But you know what, it is not just a matter of being lucky: stand up for what do you want and work for it, make a plan, save some money if you have to, be active and pro active, AND YOU’LL SEE.. you will make it happen as well.

Yesterday I was out for a leaving party night with my fantastic sisters and my greatest friends: we got fun!! I had to prepare myself for Cuba hence we went to Bar Salsa in London.. of course, we hit the floor pretty well!

Check here the bar if you are in London you might want to pop in for a nice drink or meal and some Latino beats:

—- for more info on this bar please just contact me and I will be happy to give you more details——

But you know what, I guess that I should also share some pictures with you of what happened yesterday night: time for me to come out with all my craziness and start for you to get to know me, the real me…. 🙂

From Left: Chiara – Marta- Luana- Maddy- Ros and of course me.. ooops Kim where were you??


here is she !! Kim in the middle and Lu on the right , my 2 super sisters
From left side : Mari, Hanako and Asamon

I have to thanks, all of them for such an amazing time : they made my last night of the year in London so special… as I was feeling pretty agitated about this departure 🙂 Thanks, I will miss you very much.

I have to admit to you, these last few days have been quite frightening: back into my mind ” I have done the right thing.. have I took the right decision quitting my job in London..?”.. and I have the answer now: YES!

It’s time now to go and check on this airport facilities: check on the widget airport to know more about Koln airport!

Love you all my wanderlust readers


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