Stopping in tranquil Monteria for a while.. stitches off!

Whilst I was in Tolu a few days ago, enjoying my islands visit and being a bit of a beach bum, I’ve felt the desire to retire somewhere more tranquil and chilled to work harder on the blog.. difficult to focus on duties when the sandy beach is calling you! The plan was to reach Medellin soon after Tolu, but I have thought to leave earlier and to stop somewhere on the way to Medellin. So I have chosen Monteria: a tranquil city, capital of the Cordoba department.

Monteria is not really a touristic spot, hence it is the right city where to stay few days if you want to focus on something (like work in my case) or either explore further the local Colombian community and habits.. but it is actually even more than this!

After my first day in Monteria, closed in my hotel working on the blog, I had to get away for a walk, and stroll through the street of the silent city.

With my big pleasure I have discovered a yet calm city, but with few important and quite unique highlights .

The one that really caught my attention is “Natural Park Ronda del Sinu”, talk about this park in the next chapter of the article… which has become my daily walk path!

Unfortunately Monteria was also destination of another reason.. the Hospital: I had to wait a while before to write about this, simply because my mum was not really aware of it: a few days ago in Cartagena visiting a friend in his glorious flat in Bocagrande, I totally lost the balance on a sofa and witlessly hit the back of my head against a very hard wooden-made armrest! The sounds, that still echoes now into my mind, was so strong that sounds like a big stoned falling on the floor.. I guess I have no needs to tell you about the pain, right?!

The good thing was that my friend knew a very good doctor who promptly assist me and sewed 2 stitches in my head.. Gosh still feel so creepy.

I have got to admit: I was a little bit of a chicken at the hospital.. not a big fan of blood most of all if it involves me. and never got stitches in my life ..I was such a calm kid!

Now that I am in Monteria, I could pay a visit to the local office, where a very kind nurse “La Jefa Blanca” assisted me, cutting off the stitches as the cut was sealed. I have a strong head after all! So I am more relaxed and I can carry on my adventure… well with one more experience to tell one day to my grandchildren!

Sorry, Mum… I did not want to worry you! 🙂

Well..after all Monteria, as I was saying is not only a good hospital and a tranquil atmosphere where to focus on work but a nice city that deserves at least 1-day visit.

Let me go through a little about what the city of Monteria can offer to you visit Colombia!

 Monteria Capital of Cordoba

This city includes indigenous ZenĂș Indians, African and colonial Spanish descendants, and more recently, Arab and Turkish immigrants.

Monteria is beautifully connected to the Caribbean Sea by the river Sinu, that cut the city in 2 parts and it’s house of a gorgeous Natural Linear Park: “La Ronda del Sinu“: incredibly populated by freed iguanas, monkeys, funny squirrel and a good variety of birds.

Park Ronda del Sinu'
Cheeky squirrel






It was extraordinary to walk side by side with 1.5 meters long iguanas that would have stopped and stared at me like: “hey you Chica, what are you looking at?????” and how beautiful they are.. with this gray and green shades on their long-limbed bodies! Loved it. Unfortunately, I could not notice any monkeys, with my big disappointment 🙁

River Sinu

The park follows the 200 km River Sinu‘: the river divides the city into 2 parts hence the locals have sorted out a water transport to move people from one part of the other of the river, using a raft which they called “Planchon“. I really suggest you enjoy the 3 minutes trip through the river Sinu’ on the Planchon and enjoy the river view.. it is pretty cool.

Strolling through the park aside the river, you can enjoy the beautiful  Savannah vegetation and stop for a refreshing natural Juice: my fav is “Jugo de Maracuya“, Maracuya Juice (tropical yummy fruit).

Going towards the direction of Calle 39 where it was situated my fab hotel La Casa Dorada ( I Highly recommend this hotel, for its stylish room – each room is different from the other- glorious Colombian style breakfast, and outstanding staff, with a very competitive price), you will bumped into a nice monument that represent the symbol of Cordovan culture : “Monumento al Porro” . The monument is actually very new as only inaugurated 2 years ago, and consist of 6 six bronze sculptures that portray music performance – among the sound of instruments such as the bombardino, clarinet and drummer with Indigenous symbols, and the mythical Maria Varilla dance among them. These sculptures were made by the Barranquillero artist Roy PĂ©rez, author of the ‘Monument to the Cumbia’ (located in Siete Bocas, Barranquilla).

Monumento del Porro Monteria – Colombia







Artisan Shop at Carrera 1 Monteria- Colombia


Aside of the Monumento al Porro you can enjoy also some artisan shopping, with hand craft hammock, furniture and also some eat some food going a little further to the city center, just 1 road away.




The center of Monteria is really a big concentration of shops of all sort very well ordered in their genres: a road for party items shop, one for DIY etc.. just to make our lives easier!

Going a little bit North of the city, you can carry on walking through the river and the linear park hitting the richest part of town surrounded by expensive and fabulously built building and house and the perfect spot to enjoy your daily run and workout!

Mercado del Sur

And for the most extreme travelers who really love to get deeply into the local culture I also suggest to drop a quick visit to the Mercado del Sur, food and goods local market : careful tough, it is not the most well smelling place, but here you can stop to talk to vendors or locals people checking on their shopping list and find out more about the local life: the way I do it!



As you can see, this city still offers something to your eyes: so whether you want to move to Medellin from San Bernardo Archipelago, or vice-versa I really suggest you to stop at least 1 day in Monteria and enjoy what the city can offer to you and why not, just relax for a while.

Now.. I am back to my duties peeps! Lots of love






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