Stopping in Barranquilla for a while

Hello everybody

writing from Marcela’s house, and in the background a fantastic smell of Colombian food.. almost lunch time here!

The days in Colombia are slower than I remember : people is chill expect than when they drive, there.. is all about the rule of the fastest foot!

I am trying to get back some time to write and keep develop the blog, as in Cuba was a little bit difficult due the lack of Internet, and meantime I am fully enjoying the company of my dearest friend Marcela.

Mari and Marcela








Yesterday night we went out to celebrate my first weekend back to Barranquilla, or better to call it as local to Quilla 🙂 and it was inevitable to make a selfie, did I forgot to tell you that  yes I am a little of a Selfie blogger and guess what… we used to call Marcela “La reina de el Selfie ” (The selfie queen)

I know Marcela since many years now, I met her 8 years ago in Rome whilst I was doing my Internship and we have been friends since : I showed Marcela the beauty of my island, Sicily and all our tradition, welcoming her to into the warmness of my lovely family and then I visited her whilst my trips to Colombia.

Colombia as a real special part in my hearth, as the first destination I traveled solo : my solo travel Baptism

On top is such a diverse and beautiful country, that I am so looking forward to visit it deeply this time and discover as much as I can

Meantime I would like to show you part of Quilla: capital of Colombia’s Atlántico Department, is a  seaport flanked by the Magdalena River in the north of Colombia.. on the Caribbean sea. Barranquilla has one of the most important carnivals in Latin America. This celebration has even been declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO. It is a very nice and colorful event, where each year a beautiful Colombian is elected as Queen of the year.

Strolling to Barranquilla you cannot miss the Museo del Caribe, Sala del carnaval Elsa Caridi, Bojanini Art Gallery, Museo Romantico, Museo de Arte Moderno and their Malecon (Harbour). A little bit further away, going towards Puerto Colombia (also the beach side of Quilla) you can visit the Salgar Castle and his heartbreaking view on the cliff (you can reach by taxi around 10000COP, or by local bus Porto Colombia 2500 COP). The castle is an historical building used to be a Spanish fort built in 1848,  but now used only for social events.

Cliff Salgar Castle







You won’t definitely miss the shopping here, with all the many shopping center and it will be easy to stay connect with free WIFI in almost every bar/restaurant and free WI FI hot spot spread in the city.

For my foodie friends : you do not want to miss a stop a NarcoBollo, the most famous snack bar in town where to indulge in a nice “Bollo” ( typical Colombian food, is a bun made from corn, yuca or potato) and other titbit like Arepa de Huevo (Mix the masarepa with the salt, with an egg inside) and many others you have to discover yourself. Not to forget the many local fruits, healthier than the Narcobollo 🙂 Now is time for me to get some yummy local Comida : Buon Provecho

Colombian fruits
Arepa de Huevo

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