My South America Journey is over..back to Europe…for a while!

Shall I apologize first for not having to update you in the last week..but many things have happened and I was in a settled state..

Let me tell you about it…


After almost 9 months of traveling through my so loved South America, on the 6th of March I have eventually taken off from Sao Paulo to Marseille.. so literally, my trip was over! I have only realized this literally when I was on board my Latam boing to London.. and perhaps on my lay over to London waiting for the next leg to Marseille.. I have accepted that.. I am now in Europe.. let’s start to adapt now..

Clearly, I cannot hide you that wasn’t an easy thing to do.. I feel very connected to many of the South America countries, and I have been through so many great experiences.. that was not a piece of cake to come back to Europe..

Don’t get me wrong, I missed my family and closed it is my home country but.. in life you cannot choose where to live.. you feel it , right???

Marseille march 2018
Marseille march 2018

Well, after spending 2 days visiting this lovely French city of Marseille.. I have then taken off once more to Palermo.. getting closer and closer to my city Catania.. until the morning of the 10th of March I have finally reached my house, in Catania.. Cannot tell you the overall happiness within the wall of my house: mum’s eyes were like glittering of happiness and to hug my father and my granda (who specially come all the way from Puglia to Sicily to meet me).. was priceless.. I was happy!

To make things even better.. my sis Luana reached us right on the 11th and we are now all waiting for Kimberly, our little sister.. so that finally, the family will be all reunited after more than 1 year!

I cannot be happier to be here .. enjoying the warm sunny days in my city, nice laughter my family, talking a bout my trip with them.. and loving my cousin’s belly bump Loriana…who will in few months give it birth to my gorgeous nephew Toti.. you know a family thing.. here in South of Italy, we are very family bonded..

Happy mood.. but I know that I need still few days..maybe weeks.. to properly settle here.. it has been years I haven’t lived in Sicily, after having moved to Rome, then London.. then South America.. and I wonder: how much I can still fit in here..? Will it be a challenge?? or I am just in that kind of mind’s state “I wanna go back to hotter countries.. where at a certain point I felt I belong to..?”

I am positive.. if there is a thing I have learned traveling is how life is unpredictably beautiful, how much I can achieve and how happiness is an easy thing to led my hands on.. is always there.. the problem is that sometime we do not wanna see it!

So.. now a chapter is done to leave room for a new one ready to be filled! I will remain here in Sicily for a while, probably the whole summer in order to finally dedicated proper time to the blog, and to my Photography passion.. not a bad idea to work on my balcony with a great sea view!

For all the new update and change.. stay tuned!