Rio Carnival : a dream come true!


I still cannot believe I am in Rio de Janeiro right now over the most important week of the year: The Carnival week!

You probably don’t know but this was a  childhood dream.. maybe the majority of the little girl’s dream of being a princess or to meet their favorite singer.. well, that was not me! I always looked on the TV this incredible Samba show, whit beautiful glittered dancers performing the best Samba dances and dream to be there one day.. guess what?? The day has come and here I am experiencing the best Carnival on earth!

It is a crazy week in Rio de Janeiro, yet all seem under control.. control of its own citizens who love the party and all it comes with the event but they still want to enjoy and definitely do not want that anybody leaves the city with disappointment. Hence the city is well controlled, with good transportation, security, lots of street food and kiosk where to buy your fancy accessories and well.. clearly, alcohol is not missing right??

Bloco Lapa
Bloco Lapa

Don’t get me wrong, is a huge event and the city is crowded with people from everywhere in the world, so as every similar occasion the temptation to stole your phone or such..increase but.. you just need to be a little careful and get prepared before you leave home, storing your money somewhere safe and very close to you (like a dollar wallet that you can hang at your hips) and you are all sorted to go and party hard!

Unicorn night
Unicorn night

I feel like a kiddo in a candy shop.. I can dress up with every sort of fancy dress, each day I can be something different ..from a Hawaiian to a sweet Unicorn to a Death of Road survivor and much more to come 🙂 it feels good to be here and be part of this amazing event..celebrating the Carnival in the street with a daily parade (for parade info click on this website), joining the “Bloco” with my Carioca friends and most of all for being at Sambodromo for one the most important parade of the week .. thrilled to watch Manguera school parading, one of the oldest school in town.. can I tell you that I was almost crying!

I am happy and I feel blessed each day of my trip, for being in such amazing places, for meeting

mangueira school
mangueira school

amazing people, for eating amazing food.. I am having an amazing time..isn’t it amazing?!!

Now.. I can sort of start the countdown.. well I am not disclosing the date.. it’s a surprise for my family (who are supposed to read this article.. ) is not that far.. happy to come back and meet family and friends that I missed so much..?? Totally happy and I cant’ wait to squeeze them all with the biggest hug ever.. but I cannot lie.. I sort of feel I belong to this part of the world that has welcomed me so well.. I feel that I need more time.. maybe more room for me to come back soon..

I am leaving part of my heart here.. where I have spent almost 1 year of my life.. but now it is not the time for tears.. it is party time, right?? So let me wear some fancy dress and the most glittered make-up and off to Rio’s street!

Stay tuned for more info about the Carnival: how to join, where to go, what to do and safety tips

Kisses and hugs