Since I have been abroad traveling,

far many people have asked me how I can afford to travel for long period and how I have managed to quit my job.

So I’ve thought that to write a short article it could be useful.

Some of you knows already my story and how I have decided to quit my job, so I would not really get back on that but rather give you 5 top tips on how and why to quit your 5-9 job for a while or forever, and make the most out of this free period with some travelling!.


                               WHEN TO QUIT YOUR 9-5 JOB

Whit this, I am not stating that everybody should quit his/her job: I know plenty of people who are very comfortable with their life and get plenty of rewards from it, but if you are part of the other side and feel frustration from your job’s life, maybe you should seriously do something in order to make a change.

So if you have even one of the following “symptoms” you might wanna think about to quit your job:

  • You frequently experience a problem with your sleep: you either cannot sleep well or you do not sleep at all. I have suffered from this for so long that I cannot describe the frustration each morning when I had to go to work with so much headache and sleepiness. It is vital for our body to sleep well and for a good amount of hours, and we should always listen to our body when it gives a signal that something is wrong. In my case, was the lack of happiness on my back to 5 months ago life, as much as I loved my job, I just was not fitting in the system anymore and my body was the one who the most was affected by.
  • You are moody for unknown or no reason at all: I am very well known for my bubbly personality, but the past year I changed and I was moody and let me tell you that many times I got no reason for. This should not happen, and it is definitely one of the symptoms you might want to change your life, give it a change.
  • You get bored easily : indeed we cannot be super excited each hour of our day, but yes we can be excited each day of our life 🙂 Life is one, and I truly believe we need to make the most out of it, and embrace everything we do and we bump into with so much passion and happiness. Let’s no leave boredom to take over our lives: if this happens, we should run away from what we are doing and try something different, go out our comfort zone.

  • Depression and sickness: this is one step further a simple sleep- issue and we should really think about to swiftly do something. I cannot say that I’ve experienced depression myself, but I have decided to make a move after I’ve started to feel I could be. Do not leave depression to take over your life, as it is a tough disease to fight. Nobody deserves depression and we ALL can make something to change our lives with no excuses.
  • Anger: definitely this is not a positive feeling, is it? We have no time for anger and majority of the time anger come from our own issues, not from issues with other people. This is one of the signals that maybe something is wrong with our routine and we should do something.


                                  HOW TO QUIT OUR 9-5 JOB/LIFE

I am not saying that to quit our job is the only solution to the above problems, as indeed the answer for some of us can be somewhere else, only listening to your hearth you will know the answer. But many times, our job and our routine is part of the problem why we are not happy with our lives, and if this is the case let me give you few tips on how to quit your unhappy life and make a change.

  • Listen to yourself: what is that you do not like anymore and what is that you actually like to do. It is very important to listen to ourselves, and what we want to do or what we want to be. Does not matter if it seems silly to you, as sometimes what it looks silly to us is simply because is different from what other people do or are: and we live differently!
  • Never think that it is too late to make a change: this is probably the biggest and most common mistake of many of us. Myself included, at a certain point I’ve felt that I was far too “grown-up” to quit my career and my city-life. No! Never let the society choose for you: we are never too old to make changes in our lives, both women and men, we all can change at any age and many times, as much as we like. As life is dynamic and so we are, things change and so we can..
  • Open your mind to DIFFERENT: if you want to change, you want to change for something different, so maybe you want to do something different in your life. Be prepared to change your job for another field, or to be without a job for a while (below I will better explain hot to afford to travel), or to change a country, going somewhere different from your local country. The most important thing is to think out of the box.
It’s my Life
  • Be brave: even if many people, friends or family, might be scared of your decisions, carry on with it. At the end of the day is your life, and you should be the main part of it, you are the player, right? Try to talk to them and make them understand how important is for you this change and I am sure they will understand and support you, like it happened to me.
  • Plan: in order to quit your job (unless you are wealthy enough to live for a long time without) you should make few plan on how to survive whilst you are without a job, most of all if you want to travel meantime. So in this case, you cannot simply wake up one morning and decide “Today I am resigning”.. guess that this happens only in movie..! You want to make a plan and think about it for a while on your next move.
  • Save: as for the above point, it is good to have money saved to cover on your no-working period. Most of all, if you decide to go travelling, even if in cheapest part of the worlds, you still need money, my friend 🙂 so try to make a plan on your time-off from working and what you want to do, give yourself a budget a work it out how much and for how long you want to save in order to avoid any a headache and stress over your time-off.
  • Be humble: if you are abroad and you are running out of money, be ready to do a temporary job that can support your travel or your time off.. it is not forever…and you can also find out that you actually like it!


Paragliding in Colombia
Paragliding in Colombia
  • Be flexible : one reason why you want to quit your routine life is the static nature of it, so learn how to be flexible and make your next move based on what happens on your life, follow the flow of your life and if this will take you somewhere on the other part of the world… do it! You can always go back.. remember.
  • Buy a flight ticket.. do not always keep waiting for the right price, the right moment: anyways, when is the right moment if not Now!
  • Get involved with volunteering, either in your country or abroad, this can also support your traveling or your time-off from work.

All the above are only a few of the reason why you should decide to change your daily routine for something different, something that rewards you more and makes you happy. I am not saying that quitting the job is the only way, definitely, the most important thing is to listen to your hearth and to understand what it says.

Do not be afraid to be wrong: if you are, you can start all over again, you can change again and you can make things differently again. This is honestly the worst scenario.. as for my experience I can tell you, that “Wrong” does not really exist.

Whether you want to change your job, your country, go traveling, whatever it is: make this move or you will end up to be an alien to your own life!

Thanks for reading




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