Pre-Carnival in Salvador de Bahia

It is almost 8 months I left Europe for this South America adventure…and now more than even I think that I did very well!

Day 8 in Salvador de Bahia.. back after 2 years and finally getting to know the city like the city itself deserves. I am in Love with this city,, I know it is not the 1st time you hear that..but what can I say …as long a city can offer me good vibe,,history..yummy food..amazing people..a piece of my heart will remain with the city,.and so it will happen for Salvador.

Baianos are just great, always happily welcoming to their lives, always ready to share and to make sure you have a good time in their town.. I think it is outstanding what they do regardless sometimes the critical economic situation over here.

On top of this it is 1 day to Carnival and the city it has been buzzing with a pre-carnival mood : music, religious ceremony ( I have got the chance to join the Yemangia day ..check out my video for more info), people dancing in the street, parade… I mean it is like Carnival already..but it is actually not : what more can we expect for the Carnival?? I am sure it will be a crazy and amazing event.. shame I will miss is as I am off…to another amazing Carnival : Rio De Janerio…nah I cannot complaint.

Salvador de Bahia Feb 2018
Salvador de Bahia Feb 2018

True I cannot complaint..but once more it will be hard to leave Salvador..I have met once more such amazing people..I have danced.. I have eaten fejolada Baiano style.. I have experienced already this Carnival feeling..and there is always a guy right???

I live my life to the fullest..this is the way I have decided to leave the same day I got on a flight to Cuba 8 months matter what I want to live every single emotions come into my life… this is how I roll 🙂

Off I go now..just 2 more day in Salvador and I cannot spend them indoors…right????? Tchau…