My way to Santiago De Cuba

Writing whilst on board of a quite old Yutong bus on my way to Santiago de Cuba from Trinidad, with some fellow travellers I have met them in Habana and we are now sharing part of our travelling and adventures together: one of the beauty of solo traveller, it is very easy to meet new like mind people and share part of our travel together, making the travel itself even a better memory and also possibly making new friendship that might last even longer than a 2 weeks trip.

When I travel for long hours is impossible not to think and today I have got a lot to think in my journey: woke up at 6 am to get to the Bus station in Trinidad to make sure there was a seat available for me on the bus to Santiago and guess what? I had to wait, together with the other guys, until 10 min before the bus departure to discover that there were no seats available. So, we’ve accepted the option to get on the bus to Camaguay and there after a 6 hours journey wait for the bus to Santiago. Of course after we reach Camaguay, the bus to Santiago was late… making a total wait of almost 2h and half.. but hey, this is all part of a journey to Cuba, where timetable and schedule are not definitely the most reliable thing 😊

As I was saying before, I have got a lot of thinking today: I have thought about my family and how they feel about my long journey trip through Central and South America, they worry together with the happiness of enjoying with me of my dream that come true. I have thought of my 2nd home, London: definitely I realize how much I feel London as my home only when I am far from it, and I reckon how grateful I am to this fantastic city for everything’s offered to me in these 8 years.

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I have thought of my formers love stories and the way they ended: am I running away from something? Am I running away from Love? Strange feeling, as I feel deep inside a big desire for loving someone, someone who might share with me one day my true love for travelling and make a journey together to remember forever.

I have thought of my former job: being a Senior Manager for a big corporate has made me a better business woman: thanks also to my job experience I can today travelling by myself trying to make it a living out of it.

Ouch a bump! Maybe not the most comfortable bus I have got in.. but we have air con!

Watching the beautiful Cuban landscape sliding slowly behind me, from my window seats, it’s really priceless. Here in Cuba I am learning how to appreciate the little thing of life and enjoy them to the most: no internet everywhere? Ok, not a big deal: ask to people, go out and check for information, make a call, plan day by day and do not be scared to get it wrong or miss a departure: things happen always for a reason!

I am appreciating much more, the diversity of people and the way they think differently about the same thing and how actually beautiful is to compare how different point of view in life.

I am appreciating a wal

k by myself at the dawn, looking around the real life of people and their routines, their thoughts and their dreams.

I am learning how important is to keep fit both mind and body and do not let it go: alarm at 6.15 in the morning to get my daily run and workout makes me feel better and stronger, facing these long sightseeing and hiking days with a better energy and with a huge smile on my face.

On this trip more than ever, I am analysing how travelling makes me feel the real me! This is what I am, and I love it! And I hope to inspire people out there to follow their real self.. whatever this can be.

I am back now to relax and enjoy my journey to Santiago admiring the landscape changes from my window..

Note: unfortunately this post will be posted not on real time as.. no WIFI 😊 But I am thinking right about you now and I had to write, even if the share will come with a little delay of few hours.

Love you all