Mine.. is “A Wanderlust love”

I used to think that the idea of quitting my job to travel the world could have been a disaster, and mostly crazy!

I have been working so hard to achieve my goals, to become a successful “Woman in career”. The closer I  was to reach my goals, the harder it was to quit my 9-5 job, making my real dream of travelling the world..just a dream.

What really scared me the most it was to quit a good job, a nice living in one of the most wanted city, London. Quite of a perfect life, from the outside.

The constant thought of not being able to come back and to get back my job position, all I had achieved by then. To lose my flat, my city habits. I was scared to fail.

Probably it’s the same fear that lots of you are experiencing.  Fail and then, what? Coming back to my former? What if they would have refused me now. I won’t ever find another job as good as the one I used to have? And what about the money?? Will I ever find a job that could pay me as good as the last one was?

I was stuck with my fears: I cannot fail otherwise I am done! So I would rather prefer to keep tight my great job and my “perfect” life.. The problem was that it wasn’t perfect anymore.

One day, it was the Christmas day of 2016, I found at myself starring outside the window at the falling snow flakes. At a sudden all my life slide in front of me, all my fears and dreams of chancing mixed together were there in front of me.

I was suddenly determined to take that risk and change my life’s path.

I still very well remember today the feelings I got the moment I border my one-way flight to Havana: I was thrilled, scared, emotional but all together happy! Finally I was listening to my heart and capable to do what I really wanted, what It was meant to be.

My trip started in Cuba and took me all the way to Colombia and the rest of South America.  I had the most amazing 9 months all my life travelling no stop, meeting cool people, visiting beautiful cities and incredible landscape. Having food and drinks of all sort, pushing myself to experience adventures and falling in love with my new self every day.

I was miles away from home, far from family and friends, out of my comfort zone. I learnt how to be myself enjoying moment of happiness, how to by myself trying to cheer me up in moment of sadness, how to get the strength to go to an hospital in an unknown city to have stitches on my broken head, how to open my mind to new flavors and new food combination, how to accept and enjoy other people’s customs and culture, how to love.. love nature, animals, people and my self.

I loved every single bit of this trip. Most of all, I had the chance to make a move on my blog! Never on heart I would have think I could be able to write more than a paragraph, and now, here I am! When the 9 months in South America were over, I decided to get back to Europe with this new me. Once in Europe I travelled around with a new eye and a new mindset. I had change. I was not a tourist anymore, I become a traveller.

And that journey, never stopped. It was only the begging of a new way of travelling and discover the beautiful world around me. More adventures yet to come..just in a different way and time.


A Wanderlust Love, is not just a travel blog that will give people the right tips/info to travel to their favorite destination. It’s my way to make you wander if you are in the right place and doing what you really love, and if not to give you the energy of making a change. I would like to give you the tools to listen to yourself and to learn how to do what you really want.

Mari at Comuna 13 Medellin