Long way trip from RJ to Brasilia : but I’ve made it!

Here we are,

finally, in Brasilia, Brazil’s Capital , regardless many people out there still think that either Sao Paulo or Rio is the Capital of this perfectly big country.

We are in high season, flight ticket got too high, hence I have decided to get on a Bla Bla car all the way from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia: 16 HOURS DRIVING.. well I have done longer on the road route, so eventually, it was a piece of Cake lol

Today here it is gray, almost felt the feeling of being at home over the winter time.. maybe because I am actually that close to get back to Europe? Well, cannot really disclose the date as I am trying to surprise my paps ..(they are supposed to read this…) but my time in South America is not long anymore..let’s say that I can sort of start the countdown..

Happy?? Sad..?? Both the 2 of them: I feel the need to hug my family and friends, squeeze my little dog, smell some Europe’s air.. but I kind of feel that I belong to Latino America.. the Latino culture it is something I feel it in my veins.. It is a weirdo think that in my previous life I was born here??

Anyway, I should explain why I am here in Brasilia right?? Was not in my plan, not that I have ever followed a plan of these 8-9 months in South America, but let’s say that the main purpose was to stick with the coast and enjoy the sunshine as much as I could..but.. there is always a but.. a few weeks ago whilst I was in Porto Seguro I’ve met a guy (always a guy, right??): Malcov!

Regardless of the Russian Name, Malcov is a  Brazilian fella born from Indigenous father and half European half Brazilian mother, who guess what.. lives here in Brasilia… coincidence right????

We got some very good time back in Porto Seguro and I had promised myself that I could not have left Brazil without meet him again..so here I am hosted by his lovely mother Claudia, one of the most caring Brazilian met so far.

When you travel, it is inevitable to encounter people who somehow marks your life, and Malcov is definitely one of those.. a lovely history Professor whom you can spend hours talking with, without getting bored not even for a second…Uhm…should I also add that he is also the cutest professor ever met..???? 🙂

So, whilst today I have been up and down with Claudia, driving the tranquil roads of Brasilia and looking for a spell of sun, we will soon be off to one of the most beautiful natural spot of Brazil: “Chapada dos Veadeiros”.

Very much looking forward to some great hiking through the beauty of the National park, and refreshing under a very cold waterfall .. I have started missing all this after my last one done in the Amazon.. so very thrilled!

For more update on Brasilia.. stay tuned 🙂