Leaving Bogota and off to Ecuador…in a long way

Hello everybody,

lately I have been moving from a place to another almost every day leaving to me a very little room to write something decent.. I will be soon stop for 2 weeks and get back on board 🙂

Candelaria District, Bogota
Candelaria District, Bogota

I am currently in Bogota, Colombia’s Capital and one of the biggest city in South America counting more than 8 Million inhabitant, not counting the big amount of tourist visiting the city. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of big city right now, generally I like them but in these last 3 months that I have been travelling around from beautiful beaches to nice mountains landscape and little villages, now a big city feels almost overwhelming. Hence, I am not spending much time here, and off to other adventures in few hours.



Plaza Bolivar Bogota
Plaza Bolivar Bogota








My way to Ecuador will be a quite long one, as I have decided to have a on the road trip, regardless the long distance: so off to Cali tonight, on a night bus and meeting my lovely travel friend Stefania who I hope is waiting for me lol.. and tomorrow evening, I will be off to Ipiales, a little town on the boarder with Ecuador resting for one day.

After a visit to the impressive Las Lajas, close to Ipiales I will make my move to Ecuador..crossing the border literally walking 🙂 Looking forward for that and getting ready!.

Shall I tell you that my visit to Ecuador will be surprisingly very short, so I won’t fully get to know the country but only few spots, with the idea to get back in future for a deeper visit.. things have changed in these last few days, and what makes plan changes is always related to people that I encounter : I have met few nice people in Medellin who really made my experience here in Colombia much better and much more intense, so I have felt that my time there was not over and back soon after my quick visit in Ecuador.



From SX: Gabriel, Andrea, Mari, Farid and Victor Eslabon Prendido Medellin
From SX: Gabriel, Andrea, Mari, Farid and Victoria. Eslabon Prendido Medellin

Yes, people are everything can change a trip, most of all when you are on a very different and far away country from yours.. and I have decided for once to avoid to follow a plan.. and enjoy a very last minutes detour.. I am sure it will be plenty of nice surprise and emotions, what it really counts.

In the next few days hence, I will be on the road literally everyday and still will be very difficult to keep you updated on destinations and travel/lifestyle tips and info, so please bear with me because as soon as I will be back to Medellin for few weeks I will dedicate all myself to you 🙂


Now off to get ready the luggage.. see you soon peeps!