Last minute tattoo… PROCESS TO HAVE A TATTOO

Good morning

should I share with you also my madness? I do believe so..

I have met few artist yesterday here in Medellin, to talk about a possible tattoo I have been thinking of for now the last 2 years.. and well one of them really caught my attention.

Juan, you can find his work here in his IG page JUAN_HAKA  is a brilliant tattoo artist, regardless his young age, with brilliant idea and most of all a very people person: he dedicated a lots of time to listen to my tattoo idea and helped to make it better and more real.. when all was sorted to establish an appointment unfortunately we figured out it could not work on my tattoo.. as he will soon be off to Europe (funny story) for a new adventure.. how can I blame him! Well.. nothing stop him to help me with the tattoo design so we decided to keep in touch.. and later on we scheduled a quick appointment for the same evening.

As just mentioned above, we could not work on the big tattoo, so we went for something little smaller I was thinking about for a little while.. a little cheeky maybe (I think I can afford a little cheekiness sometime, lol), and back to Juan Studio Medellin Tattoo Collective.

It took almost one hour only to choose the font of the tattoo.. and we area talking about something very silly.. I think, Juan is now relief from the fact that he cannot make the big one  lol.. you know me!

Here Juan working on my wrist tats!

Juan Hake
Juan working on my wrist tattoo

It took really 15 min or less and the result was lovely : It’s my life

It’s my Life

You know, it is the kind of decision that will make stories for my grandchildren one day..Nah joking, a tattoo it is something you really have to think a lot about whether it is a small or a big one, remember that it is forever and from my point of view, kinda symbolic.

This trip to South America, is really open my barrier, and I finally feel free to listen to my own desire and better understand what I want for me, and not to please people around me. To encounter people who think differently really help me to understand new horizons and many way to look or think at life.


Said this, I would like to alight you few step you should follow if you are thinking to get a tattoo:

  • think out of the box and think what this tattoo should mean for you, how you want to express your meaning in a draw
  • think about that it will be on your skin forever (a small one can still be eliminate with laser, but this will cause lots of pain to your skin and pocket)
  • when you are decided, look for a good tattoo artist: ask to your friends or relative (this help a lot) , look for online reference a Website and Instagram, check on the comment and be in contact with them to book a consultancy
  • Once you are in their studio : express clearly what would you like to get tattooed, what it would be the meaning you are looking for and the style.
  • Ask for hygiene standard, and look around you: it is a super clean and safe area? if you ever have a little doubt, do not stop there. Hygiene is vital in this occasion.
  • Ask how long it will take to make the tattoo, for a big one if it is necessary to make more than one session and the final cost (you do not want surprise).
  • If there is enough time , ask to have a sketch of tour tattoo (nowadays many tattoo artist use photo shop to make faster and more effective sketch)
  • If Hygiene is 100% up to standard, and you feel a good connection with your tattoo artist and you are overall happy with cost and sketch, book your appointment
  • Consider properly how long it will last to make the tattoo, some of them (the big and the most complex one might take more than a 8 weeks)



  • Do not drink alcohol and try to  be fit : if you do not feel somehow well, move your appointment
  • Once at the Studio, check that all his clean and that the Tattoo Artist will show you a brand new needle, from the package! MUST DO THING!!!!!
  • Lay down or sit down, depends on the chosen area, and relax: based on the tattooed area, the job can turn quit painful so the more you relax the better. If you cannot really stand the pain, just stop the tattoo maker.
  • Once all done, make sure the tattoo maker will properly clean and seal your tattoo with clean film.



  • after 2-4 hours remove the film and very gently with circle movement wash down the ink from your tattoo (ok to use new natural soup, just a little)
  • massage gently with some transparent and oil/paraben free moisture. I have always use Bepanthen,  and it always worked very well. Repeat this for 3 days. Then for other 2 weeks ish (depends from your skin as well) you do not need to sail the tattoo with film, only wash it and put some moisture twice per day
  • Keep always the tattooed area clean, and avoid dusty place. Do not expose the tattoo under the sun or sea water for a while, at least a month (most of all for big tattoo)
  • If you feel any kind of bad reaction call straight away your tattoo maker and talk to him, and if the reaction get worst go to the emergency hospital : DO NOT try self medication!
  • Enjoy your tattoo!



  • Sorry to stress but: think properly if you really want and tattoo and ask to yourself why..
  • Check more than once on the tattoo artist and his studio’s references and how clean his the place and the way he/she works
  • If is your first ever tattoo, try to go for something small
  • If you are going for a big tattoo, think about it! It will be very visible, and forever so you must feel 100% comfortable with these 2 factors. Start with single part of the big tattoo, just in case you run out of time, or you want to rest for few weeks or months before to end the job
  • Do not undervalue the post tattoo care
  • Be careful.. you might become addict from tattoos !