Last few days in Peru

Good afternoon,


well depends from where you are reading me today, I guess 🙂

I am in my hostel lounge, sitting down with a gain of doing..nothing! Well, this last month in Peru it has been pretty intense, full of physical activity, that have drained me a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved each of them and mostly Peru is such a great an beautiful country, it is just that ..I simply got tired!

Sometimes I read about other travel blog and about other travelers stories.. long trip, as mine, or even longer and always on the edge of adrenaline. Well, definitely everybody is different but travelling for such long time is not every day fun and excitement. 

At times, you just need to sit down for the whole day somewhere nice and maybe read a book.. or write an article 🙂 Whatever make you feel relaxed literally. I am in that kind of mood today.. I have spent 1 week in Cusco and maybe I have started to really feel the heaviness of altitude and the tiredness of all my trekking, that today being my last here I simply want to hang out here in the hostel and maybe treat myself with a nice lunch later.. Have I already told how good is the Peruvian food?? So far, I have to say, one of my fav ever!

Well, I will slowly wait for my tonight bus to Puno, and spent the day surfing around on the web : arent’ the Black Friday deals still available???? Just remembered that I should buy a new mirrorless camera. 


I am quite looking forward to reach Puno and visit the late, although the idea to reach and see a sort of Hollywood style scenery of people dressing up for the tourist visit.. push me down.. but what can we do?? the myth of always being able to get into the deep culture is not always up, right? I am sure, I will still find my dimension 🙂 

Yesterday I went out for dinner with this Italian guy, Andrea, I met few days ago in Ica.. It was nice to see him again.. but the guy was a bit down.. so I spent the whole night try all my skills to cheer him up, and hopefully I did it! 

But, maybe I feel the desire to be back home myself too… well I have to say I am not naturally a mountain person, and although these scenery are really beautiful and breathtaking, I simply miss the good vibe that sea side generally give me.. I feel that kind of strong desire to run away from the mountain and back to the it that bad?? lol

Sorry, just and outcome today.. I am sure (as much as I know myself) that tomorrow I will be jumping of joy as soon as I put my feet down in Puno ! 

let me find this camera now.. hopefully I will find a good I not the deal master after all??? lol

You stay tuned for my next article.. just write this on how to reach Machu Picchu, you might wanna have a look and book your ticket to Peru for your next trip!

Kiss and hugs