I cannot stop to come back to Medellin

Dear all


a quick update on my actual travel plan situation 🙂


Yesterday night I ‘ve left Cali and reached in the earl morning..guess where??? Medellin.. lol, seems like I cannot get enough of this gorgeous city.

I might have something pending with it .. and getting ready for my next country : Peru.

Follow my next update, as I will be soon travelling to Leticia from Medellin, stopping over in Bogota , to get into the Amazon Adventure, with our dearest friend Stefania.

I am very looking forward and started already to get into the Malaria process..although is not necessarily a must for some spot, like the Island of Monkey, it is highly recommend yet for other spot over the river, and considering that I will be travelling to the iconic River of Amazon, I opted to get some tablet.

To be few days in Medellin, will give me some time for all of you and for more updated on my last travels destinations and lifestyle tips. I have recently been to Ecuador as you could see in this article on how to cross the border by land, and so planning to get back over there soon to know more about this beautiful country.

Also, I have pushed myself to get some salsa Class and do adventure sport, like paragliding : so much fun, how I could  have not done it before! And met lovely people and not just people..in Cali, that I will definitely keep in my heart for long long long time…

Me and Ares
Me and Ares

So, really looking forward to get on new adventure and discover Peru, where I am sure I will be for long time… 🙂

Follow me and text me if you need more information on destination and activity