Happy New year!!!! 2018 A Wanderlust Love is coming!!!

Happy new year to everybody out there!

With these few pictures of this amazing 2017, I would like to thanks everybody for the great support given to my project, A Wanderlust Love.

When it all started I could not even believe that I would have get visibility at all.. but thanks to all of you, my family and friends.. I have started to achieve on my first goals and steps forward.. forward to a superb future!

I have been through a lot last year ..that I have lost myself at a certain point..until I have firmly decided to take back the power of my life..and off to this amazing experience of traveling through South America… still going on!

Being the last of the year.. I don’t want to simply get a resume of what went well and what could be done better and such… I do not want to simply wish you the very best for 2018.. no…

What I really would like to do is to wish you can get the power of your life on 2018.. for all those whom feel lost Like I was last year.. get back on track..stay focused and do something that make you happy..something that make you feel you alive..

Does not matter what.. it can be really everything…traveling..a new job…a new project.. a new love.. step out of your comfort zone..is something in your Life is wrong..means that it won’t get any better ..unless you WILL DO something…

DO… and DO… and be alive!

Life is yours.. and no matter how and what.. you deserve to be Happy..like I am now…

Happy New Year from “A Wanderlust Love”

Buenos Aires 31st Dec 2017

Thanks to my Parent's support
Thanks to my sisters's support
To Have family and friends there for you..is the greatest thing
Back on a sporty life.. mens sana in corpore sano..
A very inmportant day...the day of Departure...24th June 2017
Learnt how to cook different food...
Discovered a new me...an Adventurous Mari
Took some time to think about the beauty of life
And why not...sometimes a bit of Lush life!
but at the end..all what it matter..was the felling of freedom!
So now...rise up your glasses and cheers to 2018!