How great is to meet beautiful people whilst travelling

Today is another day, isn’t it…?

I am currently in Medellin.. back to my so loved Paisa city one more time, for many reasons : one of which was to meet few people I have meet here that really enriched my life, each one in a different way.

I would never stop to stress the importance to travel for not only visiting gorgeous places but for meeting PEOPLE.. opening our mind to diversity and unique at the same time.

I am glad I travel the world because this really gives me the chance to make an unforgettable encounter that I will always keep tight in my mind and heart.

El trio Marie Stefania and me
El trio Marie Stefania and me

In my last visit to Cali, I have got the chance to meet few people that give me a lot of their lives: I have met Marie a great French nurse, hosted at “el Patio”, crazy for salsa. Marie was the perfect salsa’s companion and the right company to enjoy delicious Pain Au chocolate for breakfast. Meeting Marie has once more taught me how age, culture, history, sex difference are nothing when you can open your mind and embrace what other people can give it to you.




Audiel and Lucia
Audiel and Lucia

I have met Lucia and Audiel, a very different couple from Mexico traveling through Colombia and inspiring people with their theatrical life.A couple of artists first of all, and 2 very enjoyable people I would definitely try to meet again in future, maybe in Mexico.. who knows. Thanks to both of them I have discovered a different Cali: theater performance, shows and much more. Right now they are still in Cali performing, here their next show, if you are in Cali I would highly recommend seeing their show Son de a Duo



I have got to know better the owner of El Patio, my favorite hostel worldwide so far: both Adriana and Fabio are 2 very caring people, they open their harms to their guests, and never you feel a dull moment in their house. Thanks for their kindness and attention to details, I have got the opportunity to feel at home for the whole my stay in Cali. A place where when I was back, I could relax, feel free to express myself and where I could always get a sip of nice hot coffee. On top of this, it was so nice to enjoy a conversation with Adriana, about her very artistic life, full of traveling and history that will keep you hang with her for hours. Not less, was so much fun to play Rummy with Fabio.. and be nominated the “Queen of Rummy of el Patio” lol. Thanks to both of them, for making me feel at home.

Last but not least, over many people met in Cali over my last visit, I have met John Jairo: we’ve met at Topa Tolondra, on a dancing night by chance, thanks to our mutual friend Stefania (you know her right..????) and I think that we got a straightaway chemistry dancing. John is a real gentleman,

From Left to right : Stefania, John and Me
From Left to right : Stefania, John and Me

old fashion style.. which I really appreciated. So we did it all, out for launch.. nice walk.. and talks lots of talks! It really amazed me to know a Latino man who was dedicated to poetry and engineering at the same time.. a man open to talk about politic topics, fun topics, about writing. It was a great discovery and I could feel his inner soul as a poet. Indeed John had to introduce me to his lovely Pitbull Ares:



I mean look at him, how you could not have felt in Love…. 🙂

Me and Ares playing time
Me and Ares playing time









Dancing dancing @ John and Me
Dancing dancing @ John and Me

Thanks to John I have got to know poetry in a different way, you know when you start to see things from other people’s eyes?? And I will never forget our long conversation over lots of pastry and cakes.. on top of this, John was pretty much inspired and write a poem for its collection that I would love to share with all of you.





Los recuerdos me asechan.

Atacandome con tu imagen,

en cada rincon de mi casa,

aqui’ continua tu efige

tu cuerpo escultural.

Tus ojos la ventana de tu alma.

Tu boca,  el camino al cielo.

Tu, solo tu.

Cuando mi imaginacion vuela,

se encuentra con tucuerpo.

Quiera o no quiera,

siempre estas en mi pensamiento.

Estas en cada esquina de mi mente.

estas en cada pensamiento.

Estas en cada poro de mi piel.

Estas en el soplo del viento.

Well, I hope that with my post today I have inspired at least one of you to travel soon.. don’t wait the “right moment”.. as which one is the right moment if not now??!

What a trip will give you it is much more than lovely pictures, nice souvenirs and google maps collection: it will give you memories! Memories of nights out, memories of great food shared with people that you met, laugh…lots of laughing.. maybe crying, crying of joy..! And much more than I would love you to find out and tell me on your way back home 🙂



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