Getting ready for an active long weekend

Hello everybody,

tonight I really couldn´t sleep..too much thinking: do really woman stop thinking sometimes??

Maybe just some overheat here in Barranquilla, maybe I just miss home.. it happens, yesterday, in particular, I was thinking home a lot.

It is vital to cope with this feeling when you are abroad for so long, and generally what I do is listen to some music and focus on the whole project, thinking our happy family and friends are for me for this experience of mine.

Anyways, today I am here after my daily exercise, thanks to my Colombian friend Marcela ¨damn she knows how to push me! But getting stronger and stronger and my stamina last far longer, I cannot complain.

After few days of pampering here in Barranquilla, salsa night, lovely locals food, piscina and sauna time )I dare you to watch the below video) we are not getting ready to hit the National Park Tayrona and the few local Indigenous communities so excited.

Marcela is downstairs, checking the tent in the car, yes we will go camping .. I haven´t done it for ages and I am so thrilled about it. I am here looking at our itinerary:

We will leave early tomorrow morning off to my favorite camping spot in the whole world Casagrande Surf

and camp there, letting the day off for us to enjoy the Full Moon Festival!

The plan for the weekend, will carry on with few days exploring the outstanding National Park Tayrona  

where we will encounter a huge variety of birds, animals and gorgeous beaches of the North coast of Colombia, nevertheless get closer to a local Indigenous community. I was there 3 years ago and loved it as much as I am back.

Ending up our long weekend hitting the town of Palomino in the Guajira region, on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, only 2 meters above sea level.

Will Join me and Marcela and dear friend I have met in Havana, whom I spent few weeks traveling through Cuba, Stefania, a lovely Italian girl with a French and Norwegian background, full of energy and always in trouble 🙂

Guess now it is time for me to get going on the schedule.. otherwise, Marcela will shout on me lol…

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