Dear all

if you follow my IG A_WANDERLUST_LOVE , definitely you have been updated on my last adventures in Peru.

I am currently at Ica at the gorgeous hostel Adventures II , happily writing the post in their lovely terrace, whilst the sun is shining.

I have been in Peru for almost 2 weeks now, after visiting Amazon and Lima, and now relaxing in the desert and having some fun with adventures sport, such Sandboarding.

Who said that Peru is only hiking and trekking??? you can totally do so much more here like wine and Prisco testing,  food and culture

Buggies Huacachina desert
Buggies Huacachina desert tour (do you know that Peruvian cousin is one of the most famous worldwide, and how delicious!)

So the current plan, until I won’t decide to make a last minutes chance as usual, would be:

  • Off to The Lost Canon tomorrow and reaching Nazca in the night
  • Visiting Nazca Lines Friday
  • Off to Cuzco, on a super long by-bus journey…

Hopefully I will be able to write you back once I reach Cuzco, I have to admit, that it is not super easy to get back on here every time I would love to due the fast travelling I do sometimes 🙂

Right one tough, I would like to thanks yo all for being so supportive : It is nice to receive your message and comments and I will be happy to have some of you travelling with me soon, so be in contact if you ever want to join 🙂

Big kiss