Fuerteventura Gallery : Canary Island, Spain

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Fuerteventura, called like this because of the wind blowing thanks to its Ocean position, is the 2nd largest island of Canary Islands, Spain.

Getting a good deal buying the flight with few months in advance, you can then enjoy many activities on the island for a little money. The daily living, like food and accommodation can be fairly economic here.

Best way to move around would be renting a car, as lack on public transport. Once you have your own mobility you are free to explore this beautiful island.

Famous for its beach, you have plenty of choice: from  crystal water beaches like Playa de Sotavento de Jandia and Costa Calma, where is also possible to do Kitesurfing to less known beach like to one of t El Cotillo.

If you can ask for information to local people, you must visit Playa de la Aguila, in El Cotillo. To reach the beach you must go down very scary rocky stairs.. once you are down lift up your head..and??? You tell me then 🙂 Let me just say, that it is all worth it, the effort.

Another island’s highlight are “Dunes of Corralejo”: a unique beauty of a desert in the Oasis of civilization, where you can enjoy the sea view walking on the tiny sand.

Day time you can pay a visit to Corralejo, with its pretty white old town and plenty of trendy bar where to enjoy happy hour and night life, such Banana Bar and Waikiki

Last but not least, is La Oliva : in the Northern side of the island, is the best place for surfing, windsurfing, diving or or fishing. Real treasure for nature lover, for it volcanic origin, and the close by Loboc Island.

Furthermore, I suggest to keep driving or walking and just stop by in each little corner attract your attention, as the real beauty of this island is the unknown corner and the fact that is still quiet wild.

For accommodation : I stayed at Caleta de Fusta, a good choice can be also Oliva, EL Cotillo and Corralejo. (booked via Airbnb)

Flight: best way is Vueling if you come from  Europe, as you can easily get good rates.

If you want to know more about tips and information, do not hesitate to leave a comment or follow my IG a_wanderlust_Love

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