The first week in Brazil.. and already Saudade..


it is time to write a little about my first week in Brazil right?.. I am in that kind of Saudade mode… (a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese or Brazilian temperament).. regardless such short time..

Let me explain you tough..I am moved from Uruguay to Brazil.. long trip.. and flow to Porto Seguro with the idea to remain one night and go direct to Salvador.. would you trust on this decision??.. Nah.. of course I have moved my plan… and I am still in Porto Seguro, D7

I have felt in Love with this little seaside town and its people and the great vibe in the air.. Porto Seguro is a fairly touristic place mainly for Brazilian, which still makes it this place not necessarily saturated, nor make the town on a fake approach.. actually, the people around are just in a very festive mood and they simply want to get a good time on their holiday.. good stuff!

Coroa Vermelha beach
Coroa Vermelha beachqCoroa Vermelha beach

Well, to cut the story short, I have decided to prolong my stay here and a big part of this is given to the super welcome that Sergio has given to me, making me feel more like a daughter and part of a big family in its hostel Tabapiri, Porto Seguro. It great to wake up in the morning and meet someone always with a big smile on its face and make the possible to please its guests .. most of all.. we are all a big family here, love it!

In this week I have seen amazing beaches.. white sand beach..palm beach.. hidden beach away from people’s eyes.. I have discovered the local culture.. the bahiano taste.. the delicious food.. and the night time party life!

Party time Ilha do Aquario
Party time Ilha do Aquario

It has been a deep intense yet relaxing week… full of emotion..meeting lovely people..I will never forget..from my nice rooms mate Leia and Neyde.. different personality with one thing in common.. a big heart.. to my party friends Bruno and Wallison…and many more…

We have spent so much together, even in such short time.. that to say good bay to each of them..was definitely one of the hardest things in these last few months of traveling..the warmth of Brazilian people is outstanding.. and this makes things even more difficult..but this will be part of a big treasure of memories that I will never forget and will always remain into my heart..

Well, now stop with melancholy and ready to plan my next move up to Bahia….

Planning to move up to a paradise place called Morro de Sao Paulo…spending then few days in Salvador and then discover the surrounding from there…before to lead to the so much waited for a date…9th of February off to Rio for the excited..

Well, what can I ask for more?? I feel blessed every day of my life..each day I wake up I cannot thanks enough every God/Goddess for what I have..what I have achieved and what good still to come 🙂 to another crazy night…Porto Seguro.. here I am!