My dear readers,

seems a century since I last wrote to you all and I must apologise: Internet connection in Cuba was a hard time and I spent more than one week a little ill. Feels much better now after having seen a doctor in Barranquilla.

I am now in Colombia, after a quick stop in crazy Miami: as I felt a little bad I could not really visit much of the city and focused instead in Little Havana where I booked my accommodation at Jefferson Miami.

To leave Cuba was not an easy thing: I am a very emotional person and really bond with like-minded people, hence to say good bye it is always a difficult thing to do,  but this is part of the game. Perhaps this trip will help a little to live the goodbyes easier..perhaps

In  Miami was hot, or maybe it felt hotter than it was due my fever, so after one month of the trip here, it comes to my first experience of illness. I wanted mom, lol, I felt lonely at a certain point and didn’t know what to do, if it was worth it to go to a doctor or not and wait.

The fever really did not stop, so as soon as I reached Colombia I run to a clinic and now it all feel much better.. until my mum will read the post: she doesn’t really know I felt bad, I am sure you can understand that I did not really wanna worry her 🙂 Mum don’t be angry at me!!

Anyways, Miami was a short stay but at least I could enjoy some of the Latino vibe in Little Havana, colorful roads and plenty of Kiosk selling Cuban and Colombia food and drinks

Fresh fruits






Was worth it to take some time to stroll through Calle Ocho, SW8TH, and full up my eyes with some nice Cuban style bars, music all the way and nice smell for my nose. Of course, I could not avoid stopping making a picture by one of the most famous Mr cocks in Little Havana







In Calle Ocho , you will also see the Domino park and some lovely Murales not to be missed

Domino Center


My time in Miami was short but lovely: definitely, more room to book soon a flight a visit properly the city.

Now here I am in Barranquilla, my first stop in Colombia, where I will stay for few weeks with my dearest friend Marcela: I met Marcela long time ago whilst I was studying my Master in Rome and Marcela was mastering her study in Architecture, she is now a fantastic architect, proud of her.



We bonded straight away and been friends since ever: I first visit Marcela 3 years ago here in Colombia my first solo traveler trip (I started soft, lol) and then kept in contact until we met again last year in Brasil, I will talk about my trip in Brasil in another moment.

Marcela is a lovely woman and it is a real fun to have her around, and most of all a good guide.

Now it is time for me to carry on my work .. but before I really need a natural lemonade 🙂