CARAIVA, Bahia : What you need to know before you go

Here few tips that might help you to better enjoy your stay in the village of Caraiva:

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  • If you have the expectation to immerse yourself in a traditional Indigenous experience,.. you might be disappointed as the Village is now pretty much developed and moved on from being power-free to the latest tech like WIFI
  • Go there to relax, feel like in a big summer village where people know each other, dance Forro‘ , eat fresh fish, and make nice friends and people in Caraiva is very relaxed and is the right place where to spend few days to recharge your battery
  • If you have enough time, don’t just stop on the beach but try to visit the close by Indigenous tribes, as your tips will help the native people economy, also hike up the Mount Pascoal and show off your dance move at night in any bar will play Forro (entry cost generally 30-50 reals)
  • Caraiva does not come for cheap : Hostel price goes from 80 to 130 Reals per bed in high season (DEC- FEB) and even an higher price for private house or hotel. Same applies to food and attraction around.
  • Be sensitive about the environment and if you can get back with you your rubbish
  • You don’t need much close nor shoes, as the village is literally on the sandy beach.. so good flip-flop will make the job..although be careful as day time the sand get seriously hot
  • Although many hotel and restaurant accept card, it is always good to take with you some cash, as there is no withdraw machine in the village
  • Another nice attraction not mentioned above as I could not get the change to experience but been recommended quite a lot is the buggy ride to Corumbau…average cost is 70-80 reals with return 
  • There are few little market in the village and few bakery where to buy basic supplies, such eggs- bread-water-beers. But on the main road and towards the river you feel find a wide range or restaurant that serve delicious food : average price for a main course is 50 reals. Another option are vendors on the beach, from whom yo can buy yummy pastry/fresh-juice/ice-cream for as little as 5-10 reals
  • The closest Hospital is Porto Seguro, make sure you take with you a first AID
  • About security : tranquil as the village is very much safe both day and night
  • Last but not least : be happy and have a great time in one of the cutest village in Brazil