The 5 top things to do in Yangshuo

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Yangshuo is a county located in the northeast of Guangxi (广西) near Guilin. This region is well known for the picturesque winding rivers and the majestic karts pinnacles, which have inspired many painters throughout the Chinese history.
The region is now considered a climbers paradise and is also a great area for cycling and hiking. It is one of the most favorite touristic retreats for the Chinese population, but it is also being in high demand for like-minded tourist of around the world.

It is definitely a good destination for solo travelers of all age and sex, considering the many hidden gems to discover and lots of hikes through its fantastic mountain landscape.

How to discover Yangshuo

The best way to discover Yangshuo is by bicycle, getting lost between the beautiful pinnacles and breathing the fresh air. Here some places to visit. There are two main tourist streets running parallel up from the river.

Yangshuo's landscape
Yangshuo’s landscape



Yangshuo downtown (阳朔)and “West Street”

In the last decade, Yangshuo town has become a popular touristic escape. If you are up for some parties you won’t be disappointed by the several bars

Yangshuo downtown
Yangshuo downtown

and club offering live music. Have a stroll in West Street, the oldest street in town (西街达到 – Xijie Dadao) among the handcraft workshop and calligraphy stores, shops of local products, street food, and souvenir as well as the chilly shops selling a first-class chilly paste. Here you can find a small creek called Guiha Lu, worth a stroll for all its bars and restaurants. To get a feel for the local lifestyle, visit Yangshuo park early in the morning, where locals enjoy every sort of outdoor activities from Tai Chi Chuan to Karaoke!





Yangshuo TV Tower

View of Yangshuo from TV Tower
View of Yangshuo from TV Tower


The TV Tower (电视塔 – Dianshi Ta), just beside Yangshuo park, is the highest hill in town. Only a few know that is possible to climb up and get the best panoramic view of Yangshuo. The club requires around 40 minutes going up steep steps, but the view is worth the sweat!
At the top you will have to pay a small entrance fee to the Antenna keeper who works on the tower, he’s a funny man. On clear days this is a perfect spot for sunrise and sunset.



Yangshuo Moon Hill

Moon Hill, Yangshuo
Moon Hill, Yangshuo

You don’t need to go further than few km. away from Yangshuo city center, for a taste of nature. Moon Hill, (so-called for the natural arch in the middle of the hill which resembles a horizontal half moon), it’s an interesting karst to visit on a sunny day and a good addition to your cycle trip. The climb consists in roughly 800 steps, quite a few more if you wish to reach the summit via a little-hidden path on the right-hand side after crossing the arch (watch your steps and avoid if you don’t feel comfortable with height). You will get a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding countryside with its many picks.
The hill is located about 8km from Yangshuo, you can ride a bicycle through smaller villages, there are several signs and all locals can give you directions.
Bring some water, or you can buy some from the old women on the top of the hills.
Best time to visit early morning or late afternoon.
Opening hours (7.00 – 18.30) Entrance fee 14¥



Zhuoyue English School: an alternative night accommodation

A great alternative to the busy accommodations in Yangshuo could be Zhuoyue English School. The school hosts volunteers willing to teach English

Yangshuo English School class
Yangshuo English School class

to adults for 2 hours per day from Mon-Thur in exchange for a bed in a dormitory and 2 delicious meals per day. Volunteers and students eat together, great opportunity for ideas exchange, a chance to understand more about Chinese culture and be part of a friendly environment.
The school is located 15 minutes cycling from Yangshuo, close to Yulong river. You will I have an amazing time with the students and people working at the school, which are fabulous.
Address: No.155 Chaoyang village, Yangshuo town, Guangxi province (广西阳朔镇潮阳村 155 号)
Phone: 13737702083 (Frank speaks good English, very nice and helpful)


Jiuxiang Ancient Village (旧县村 – Jiuxian Cun)

Jiuxiang Ancient Village, Yangshuo
Jiuxiang Ancient Village, Yangshuo

This little village is located 10 km from Yangshuo town. It is a village with several old buildings dating back around 300 years (late Ming Dynasty). Some of the buildings are today used as hotels and restaurants. You can stroll around the village for a couple of hours and take the chance to visit some buildings from the inside as the architecture is very beautiful.

Do not miss to have a lunch at Laogen Farm Hotel (老根农家酒店 – Laogen Nongjia Jiudian): the best Beer Fish in Yangshuo. This is a lovely little restaurant, and not a hotel as the name suggests, with few tables outside: a perfect spot for a romantic dinner perhaps..




I hope you have enjoyed the reading, and who knows, maybe your next Travel Destination will be Yuangshuo!


Luana Mirenda in cooperation with “A Wanderlust Love”

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