The Ultimate guide to Cocora Valley: Colombia

Cocora Valley, located in the Central Cordillera of the Andean mountains, is the valley of the department of Quindio, in Colombia. Just a few miles away from the city of Salento, the valley is famous for its wax palms, that grow up to 197 feet in heights. A unique landscape together with a mystic atmosphere, […]

Easter Top 3 Travel destinations in Europe

Whether you are roaming in Europe or just in need of an holiday, Easter is the perfect occasion to take a break from your routine. You feel already the itch to pack your suitcase and head off to the airport, but you haven’t decided where to go yet. The time available for this break is […]

Rio Carnival : all you need to know

Rio Carnival : the biggest Carnival on Earth With just one month to go, it is time to talk about the biggest Carnival on Earth:.Rio Carnival. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro it is not just a carnival is THE CARNIVAL. Million of people of all around the world gather in the most iconic Brazilian city, […]

Are you still a single woman?

Hi, I am Mari: 33 years old and a single woman If you have hit your 30s and you are a single woman, you will probably fit in this article. I generally write about Travel and I feel that this is still somehow related to travel. Being a solo traveler woman I find myself often […]

Discover Medina of Fez

If there is something I loved about Morocco is its smells. You cannot walk through the Moroccan streets without smelling something: it can the odor of a cooked spiced Tajine, or even bar soaps, oil essences and fragrances. A mixture of sweet and tangy odors that merge perfectly together, creating a perfect harmony for your […]