Cycle loop tour around Mengla County

  Discover Mengla county Nanla River, Mengla Town Mengla County (勐腊县 – Mengla Xian)is located in the deep south of the tropical Xishuangbanna Prefecture (西双版纳州 – Xishuangbanna Zhou), Yunnan Province (云南省 – Yunnan Sheng). Bordering Myanmar to the west and Laos to the southeast, Mengla is home to tropical rainforest and many endangered species of […]

The ultimate guide of Medellin

One of the most recurring questions people ask me is “What’s your favorite visited city?”. A million dollar question, right?? To me, it is almost impossible to give a unique answer to this question. In each city I have been, I’ve found a profound attraction with. It could be because of the architecture, because of […]

The ultimate guide to Longji rice terraces

Longji rice terraces (龙脊梯田 – Longji Titian) are located in Longsheng county (龙胜), 100 km from Guilin city in Guanxi province. The terraces, also known as Longsheng rice terraces (龙胜梯田 – Longsheng Titian) are easily reachable from Yangshuo (阳朔). For the outdoor enthusiasts, this could be a great 5 days itinerary (read more about Yangshuo here). Thousands […]